Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas, Part 4

To say that Christmas Eve was chaotic would be an understatement.
We started Christmas Eve at my mom's church in my hometown, 15 miles from where we live. The Christmas Eve service is always so simple and so beautiful. Takes 30 minutes tops. Hannah sang "O, Holy Night" for the service and more specifically for my mom. It is my mom's favorite Christmas carol.

On Christmas Eve, we had 22 people crammed into our house. We had Rick and I, Hannah, Cassie and Chris, Karen, Christy, Jake and Cassie's mom, and her husband Dan, Dan's daughter Bernadette, her husband Chris, their daughter Mya, Cassie's best friend Melina, our neice Devin, Rick's mom (she lives with us), our daughter Christy, her husband Brent, our grandson Isaak, our granddaughter Sophie, our daughter-in-law Becky, our grandson Jackson, our granddaughter Lilly, my mom and my dad.

To say that the present opening was a frenzy would be an understatement! With 4 little ones and two teenagers how could it be anything but crazy?

Here are two photos of the chaos.

This is Karen, my older kid's mom.

Cassie and Karen looking through a photo book of pictures of Cassie from when she was little that my mother-in-law made for her.

Isaak, Hannah, Cassie and Chris in their bomber hats that we got them for Christmas.

Grandma Verna and Lilly, who slept through the chaos

Rick watching the frenzy. Yesterday, I mentioned that Rick and I weren't going to get each other a present. Well, I didn't follow the rules either. Rick has an awesome Resistol cowboy hat that didn't have a hat band, so I bought him one for Christmas. I think it looks really nice.

The outside gang: Chris and Cassie, Karen, Brent and Christy and Rick

Hannah and Jackson in his Christmas jammies. Santas and reindeer in spaceships.

Hannah and Cassie posing for the camera

Here's hoping that your Christmas was as great and happy as mine!

Have a great day.

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