Thursday, January 06, 2011

My New Years resolution

My New Year's resolution has a lot to do with my word for the year.


I have come up with a plan to do just that. I am resolving to clean my house weekly. I know I should be doing this anyway, but sometimes I just don't feel like it. So that is going to change. If I clean it weekly, it will be less work in the long run. This will simplify my life.

I love to do so many things. So I am going to set aside an evening each week for a craft I love. I will be able to get more of my projects done. I will be able to get back to making homemade gifts for my friends and family for birthdays and holidays. This will simplify my life.

I am going to organize my craft room closet. It has been utter chaos since we have moved into our current house at the beginning of September. I will have my crafty stuff out of boxes and more importantly, out of the basement. I will be able to see what I have and not spend money on items that I know I already have, but can't locate. This will simplify my life.

If these things don't happen for a few weeks, I am not going to stress out. I work in a high stress job. I teach children with behavior and emotional disorders. The less stress I have in my life the better. I will start asking myself before I take on a project, be it for myself or others, "Will this add stress to my life." This will simplify my life.

I plan on updating how I am doing on my resolution from time to time. To keep myself motivated and to see how far I have come.

Have a great day.


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