Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jekyll and Hyde is 5 days away and counting!

I thought I would share with you the local commercial for Jekyll and Hyde that came out a couple of days ago.

My people have been coming home from rehearsals SO EXCITED! I can't wait to see it.

Starting Monday, I will be at rehearsals. On Monday, I get to find out my roles. Not only do I get to help with costumes, I will probably usher and take tickets each night. Hannah and I will be late on Tuesday as she has a Madrigals choir concert at school. She has several solos. She is pretty bummed out that her dad and Keith can't come; but that is the chance you take when you talk your people into auditioning with you! After the concert, Hannah and I get to rush rehearsals.

Wednesday is final rehearsal. Guaranteed that I will be packing my big Canon film camera to take photos of my peeps.

I am going to take photos of Hannah tomorrow to test drive my big lens that I got at the thrift store; so I know if it will work during rehearsals. Nice thing we have a new SuperWalmart in our town. As soon as I take photos I can have them 1 hour processed so I know what I am dealing with. Will share photos as soon as I get them.

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ballgown complete!

Here is where Hannah and I started on her ballgown. A pattern and little bits of fabric and trim to show Lori, the director.

Here is a photo of all the the parts before we started cutting! Ten yards of fabric, a few yards of trim, light-weight woven fabric sewing machine needles, zipper, satin pins and thread.

Found out along the way, not to trust a teenager with her dress size.

Pattern dress size too small. Altering the pattern = priceless.

Here is the bodice and part of the sleeves. Mishap with the iron and my applique pressing sheet. Pressing sheet worked like a dream through one sleeve ruffle. Second sleeve ruffle, the iron melted the taffeta through the pressing sheet. Thank goodness there was enough left over to make a third ruffle, that was sewn on backwards not once - but twice!

Almost quit!

Mustard yellow pool table is not attractive at any time, let alone late at night! On the other hand, pool tables make a great sewing/quilting/craft table much to the disappointment of the hubby!

The next two photos are super blurry! Taken with my Blackberry to pacify my thespian! She was absolutely sure the dress would never be done.

Totally not sewn, just pinned.

Made my girly happy!

I cannot express the frustration and joy this dress has caused me. What I thought would take one night, took 5. I had to take the skirt waist out 2 times in 2 days! Then, there is the fact that I had to improvise the back. Remember the zipper? Changed to to 3 extra inches in the back as a panel with Velcro! This musical, we won't have stuck zippers, at least for my girly!

Even though she is not feeling well, she is modeling for me.

Here you might be able to see the alteration to the back! I was pretty excited with how my vision to fix the back worked out!
I have to say that I love this view. Hannah is heading to her car to see if her dress and petticoat will fit behind the wheel of her Honda so she doesn't have to change clothes.
No such luck, she had to put street clothes on.

Have an awesome day!