Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jarbidge, Nevada October 01, 2011

Rick and I got to go to Jarbidge, Nevada this day for a birthday party.  The birthday party was for the parents of one of his dearest friends.  He has known Marianne for about 40 years! 
This first photo is of Rick "tailgating".  We had assumed that the local watering hole would have the Boise State game on that day, so we went down early.  We were told by the bartender that they didn't get the game, which didn't make either of us too happy...
What is a BSU fan to do?  Turn on the radio and see if you can get the Boise AM radio station...and yes, we did!
Little did we know that the bartender was mistaken, we got to watch a little of the game before the birthday party.
Here are Rick and Marianne at the party. 
Here is the beautiful sunset we got to see on our way home

A wonderful day spent with wonderful people...who could ask for more?
Not me!
Have a great day!

First Snow 2011

I am still working on my October 2011 updates.  One more and I will be caught up with both October and November. That means I only have July and August 2011 to go.
 I thought I was going to be able to be caught up during Christmas Break, but time is running out...oh well, I guess I can put catching up for 2011 on my 2012 resolution list, if I don't get done!
Our first snow this year was on October 7th, 2011.  Here is Mount Harrison.  It is about 60 miles away from our house.  It sure was beautiful that day!
Have a great day!

Lilly's 1st Birthday

Our youngest granddaughter turned one on October 8, 2011. 
Becky always has the prettiest/coolest themes for kids birthdays.  Lilly's was a flower/garden theme.  It was so sweet!
Here she is getting ready to blow out her candle.
Lilly is enjoying her cupcake!
Lilly and her cousin, Emma getting ready to open presents
Lilly loving her first baby doll
Lilly enjoying all the attention she was getting
It was a wonderful day spent with family and friends in celebration of our great blessing, Lilly1
Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

End of October update

October was a busy month for us. 
The end of October especially. 

The great thing about having grandkids is you still get to enjoy Halloween.

Jackson went as a pirate and Lilly went as his parrot. 
 Our daughter-in-law Becky's mom made both outfits. 
She did an amazing job!

Jackson and Grandpa had to show off their pirate hats for the camera.

Lilly was NOT impressed with grandpa's idea that she could be the pirate and he would be the parrot!

A lot of October was spent working with one of our local theatre groups on the production of Cinderella. 
Rick was stage manager.
I worked in costumes.  One of my duties was fancy-ing up the dress as well as altering it.

I added shoulder straps to make our Cinderella more comfortable.  Then I added sparkly tulle to try to recreate the look of the dress from the Disney Cinderella.

Then I had to add a back panel to make it fit.  I used two different fabrics layered to get the look of the fabric the dress was made of--a sparkly satin and a tulle encrusted in glitter and rhinestones. 
Matched pretty good, if I say so myself.

And I got to babysit Gus-Gus and Jaques during the production. 

Have a great day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our anniversary...November 09, 2011

Our 21st wedding anniversary was on November 09, 2011. 
I got a dozen roses delivered at work!  First ones ever...I have to confess this is my fault.  I would rather have craft supplies, or houseplants or a house gadget.
I was floored to get something so lovely.
After I enjoyed them for a week, I decided to hang them upside down in my craftroom closet to dry.
Twenty-one years...where did all that time go?  It certainly doesn't feel like a long time at all.
And I must say that I love Rick even more now than I did when we first got married!
Have a great day!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall Thrifting Finds

I am back again today, who knew I would post 2 days in a row? I want to share my thrift finds from the last couple of months.

 I bought this Salty and Peppy set in October, paid more for them than I should have...but I hadn't seen any is so long. 
 I found these ornaments yesterday...not sure how old they are, I am assuming 40's or 50's.  I don't think I will hang then on my tree, I think I will stand them on a shelf or a window sill. 
 Christmas Tree Turner.  I will be placing my vintage tinsel tree in this base this year.  How fun!
I found this vintage 30's/40's tea pot ornament in it!
 Vintage made in Japan Santa mugs.  I have tons of these that I use to hold candy canes and candy at Christmas time.  I am going to put votive candles (inside glass holders) in them and put them in my kitchen window sill.
 Milk glass saucers in my favorite pattern-grape vine...thrifted in September.
 Vintage Japan Tom and Jerry mugs that Rick found on Craig's List for me.  I have a Hall Tom and Jerry Bowl and a Hall cup.  Need to find the bowl for the Christmas holidays.
Milk glass shade for my vintage coffee pot turned lamp.  A few months ago, our dog knocked the lamp off the end table and broke the original shade for it.  Found this on in October and like it better than the original...have I mentioned that I am partial to milk glass?
Vintage tree garland that Rick found about a week the box graphics!
Wedgewood Vintage Rose plates, found these in September.  I also have a partial set of these same plates with the Tudor Rose name on them.  I think I now have 8 dinner plates.
Vaseline glass dessert dishes from the 30's.  Another lady got the other 8, I feel lucky to get the 4 I got!
Vintage 40's or 50's Pyrex carafe that Rick bought for me.  It is missing it's warmer, but it came in it's original box with it's original pamphlet.  I will keep an eye out for the warmer.  We used it to serve Bloody Marys on Thanksgiving.
Milk glass nesting chicken bowl.  I now own two  .My first one was the first thing that Rick ever bought me, over 21 years ago.  The first resides in my china closet, this one resides in my bathroom holding hair clips.  Have I told you I LOVE milk glass?
Another vintage Santa mug...I just cannot pass these up with their hand painted faces.  I see so many of them in the thrift stores with no paint because someone ran them through the dishwasher or gave them too vigorous of a hand washing. 

Hope you have enjoyed my thrifty finds as much as I have!
Have a great day!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


It is hard to believe it has been so long since my last post, five
Can't post everything from the last five months, that would take days!  So I will start with yesterday and then work my way backwards from there. 

Yestserday, we went Christmas tree hunting!
The drive up was beautiful.  We got to see 4 deer, too bad I didn't have my camera out.  They were lovely!

I thought these rocks were pretty with their dusting of snow.
The wind was howling! Rick said he had never seen it blow so hard up in the South Hills!  The clouds were moving so fast!
Here is a photo of the snow blowing off on one of the little hills in the distance.
Jake and Jackson getting ready to find their tree.
Miss Lilly trying to take her boots off, silly girl! This is actually her second tree hunt, she was about 6 weeks old on her first hunt!
Jackson enjoying a snowball fight with his Aunt Hannah and Uncle Brady.
Jake, Becky and Jackson with their tree. Lilly was in the car with her Uncle Brady. She had had enough tree hunting!
Rick waiting for Brady and Hannah to pick their tree so he could tie them on top of the Expidition.  Sadly, I didn't get a single photo of Brady and Hannah.  We were in a bit of a hurry as the weather had turned quite nasty all of a sudden.
We got out just in time! Blizzard-like conditions on the way out of the hills
Two truck loads of people and 4 trees made their way safely out of the hills, by the time we got to the foothills the skies were clear and there was so sign of snow, go figure!

Have a great day!

Monday, July 25, 2011


On the first of June, Rick took over the business that we had both worked for over 20 years...I worked with the same business since October of 1988 and Rick worked there since June of 1989.  That means that I have taken on another job; which means much less time for all my favorite things.

I plan on doing some catch up blogs within the next couple of days...hopefully...

Have a great day,

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Fire Child

All of my children love fire.
My youngest has learned how to harness fire and play with it.

Pretty amazing if you ask me!
Have a great day!