Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Wedding part 2

I was going to post photos of Cassie and Chris's wedding today, really I was.

That being said, I have a confession to make.

I didn't take any photos during the ceremony. I am feeling so guilty about this.

Our professional photographers are friends of ours, they took our son Brady's wedding photos. The trust in my friends and Cassie's total planning threw me a little off-guard. I was way too relaxed, I was enjoying the moment!

Who doesn't take photos of their child's wedding? Me, I have to admit.

Thankfully our neice, Devin, took some that I can blog with until we get back the professional photos from Paris Studios. Now I just need to go through Devin's photos to see which ones I really want to post. And I can tell you know that I will post quite a few of them. Devin did an amazing job!

I have decided to show the bridal party gift bags that I made for Cassie to give to her maid-of-honor, her bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearer.

This is a basic burgandy gift bag from Micheals. I forgot to take a photo of just the bag, so here is one with the tulle beginning to be attached with hot glue.

Tulle and gold ribbon, I cut the gold ribbon in half because it overwhelmed the tulle.

Snowflake ornaments from the Dollar Tree

Bridal gift tags/accents from the Dollar Tree

Burgandy bags dressed in tulle

Burgandy bags dressed in tulle and gold ribbon

Bags almost completed, pictured with some of the loot

Bags fully loaded with loot, waiting to be opened

Close-up of a finished bag. None of the "dresses" were duplicated. I used glitter gift tags that I bought at Walmart last year to identify each bag.

The girls and kids loved them. Made for a happy bride. Made a mama happy, happy to have been able to make these for my daugher, happy that everyone loved them.

Have a great day!


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