Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Great Evening!

Last night was the Hall of Fame Ceremony for our local theatre group--the Magic Valley Dilettantes.

We weren't sure (or maybe I should say, I wasn't sure) we wanted to go. It was a long week at school for both Rick and I. Sometimes I feel like I give everything emotionally to my kids at school. I work with children with emotional and/or behavior disorders. It is exhausting. This week was no exception. Most of the time I have nothing left for my family, let alone a fancy dinner. But I bit the bullet and decided what the heck.

Well, I must say that I had the most fun I have had in a long time. I got to see alot of people that I have known in the past. I got to see former neighbors that I respect. I got to see former colleagues that I enjoyed working with. I got to see family and friends that make my life joyful! I got to see many of the people we worked with during the last 2 shows Rick has done and the 1 show Hannah has done.

Not only that, we got to see a few people that first inspired Rick to act. Rick's first musical with the Dilettantes was "Kismet" in 1981. Rick has been in 8 musicals in all. There have been a few gaps in between each, but it is his love! And Hannah has been bit by the acting bug, too. And, can I just add, that girl can sing, just about anything she sets her mind to! I wish I could sing like her.

Since Rick and I have been married (in 1990) he has acted in 4 musicals. He has played 'Big Julie' in "Guys and Dolls" with the North Side Playhouse (that is no longer in existence), 'Old Joe' in "Damn Yankees" with the Dilettantes, 'The Captain' in "Titanic", and he played one of Alfred P. Doolittle's buddies in "My Fair Lady" last winter. He is currently practicing the part of 'General Glossop in in "Jekyll and Hyde" for Magic Valley Little Theatre.

So, to get back on to last night's celebration. We had a lovely dinner, buffet style at our local "Turf Club". It is a venue that is done in an Art Deco style. A lot of the old-timers from last night can remember going dancing there in the 40's and 50's. The induction ceremony was wonderful. Each inductee had a tribute paid to them with their favorite piece sung to them. We were there for Lori Henson, the current director. She is an amazing woman. It was great to see her honored.

This photo is of Hannah and Keith. I think they look amazing!

The last photo is of Rick and I.

The night was delightful!!! Thanks honey, for wanting to go! Love you!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More thrifting goodness and a birthday!

I want to start with the Birthday today! My grand-daughter Sophia Christina turned 8 years old yesterday!

I can remember the day she was born. Our oldest daughter, Christy, asked me to be in the birthing room with them. What an honor that was! Sophie's hair has always been this red, from the minute she was born! And naturally curly too!

Christy had a BBQ at their house on Sunday afternoon for the grand occasion. It was an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon. There were a whole lot of giggly little girls, Christy's inlaws (who are awesome, my kids call them Grandpa Joe and Grandma Joan at their request), lots of family and friends. My grandson, Isaak was there, too. He is not always at family functions as he has to split time with Chris and her ex.

I will upload more photos when Chris share's hers with me. I was manning two cameras, mine and hers.

Love you, Sophie!!!

On Saturday, Rick and I went thrifting. It's kinda our thing. When Rick and I were first married, we had 4 children and not too soon after that, we added another one. There were many years that thrifting/yard sale-ing was the only way we could afford to dress our kids. At the time Hannah was born, I had a 17 year old, an 11 year old, a 9 year old and a 5 year old. And all but our oldest, Christy, were growing like weeds. We were on a very limited budget, but we made it work.

Now we thrift, because we can. So this last Saturday, we found two awesome items. The first find is one for our bedroom. Rick and I both love old fans. We found a Westinghouse fan from the 1950's for our bedroom. It works like a dream! Much more quite than the ones we have today. Guess what it cost?

$4.00!!!!! Can you believe it? It was a little dusty and grimy, but with a little elbow grease, it cleaned up wonderfully.

Our next find, is a 70-210mm lens for my Canon Rebel.

I used to have a Pentax film camera, but it quit working about 4 months ago. The Pentax had a 70-300mm lens that I love. But, it isn't compatible with my Canon. I have been in a funk about it for awhile. I needed a zoom lens.

Hold on to your seats, this one cost $15.00! The Canon cost $10.00 about 8 months ago. Rick picked it up because he didn't think he could pass up a Rebel for that cheap. I am glad that he did! Now I am back in film camera heaven.

I hope everyone is having a good start to their week. I am! Despite the fact that I haven't done a whole lot of crafty things lately.

No crafting has me out of wack, to say the least. I hate that! It's not that I don't have things to do, my mojo just isn't functioning right now. Hopefully, I will get that back soon. When I don't craft, I get cranky. I have been downloading, bookmarking and saving crafty inspiration from my favorite places. Maybe that will jump start my mojo soon.

Have a great day!