Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Don't know how to label this blog post...
I am listening to the coyotes howl in the fields right across the street from our house.
Contemplating whether or not it is wise to introduce chickens into our family.
Will that bring the coyotes closer?
I have 3 wimpy indoor dogs and a 3-legged pygmy goat, a super fat donkey and an elderly outside dog.
None of them capable of dealing with coyotes.
I would love to have chickens, but I think the coyotes have helped me rethink things.
Have a great day!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A sudden storm

We had a snow storm on Friday.

We live in Idaho, and snowstorms are supposed to happen here, especially in the winter. But we have been having Spring worthy temps lately. Even the robins started to come back.

What makes this snowstorm newsworthy?

Well, we were only supposed to get 1-3". It was supposed to be spread out over 3 days; Friday-snow, Saturday-sun, Sunday-snow.

Our Magic Valley got 5-8". We got it all on Friday and into Saturday morning.

This is the sun coming over the clouds to the East of our house.

This my antique grain drill. It was pulled behind a horse or tractor to plant seeds. I love this piece of machinery. In the spring I will plant either flowers or strawberries in it.

This is the chicken coop. I get to have chickens! I have wanted them forever, and Rick has finally said I could have them. However, I won't be using this building. It is small and I am a big gal. I also have rheumatoid arthritis, not a good combination for this little building. There is a bigger storage shed with screened in windows that I think I will be using for the chicken coop.

This is a photo of the building I want to use for chicken coop. Sorry this is so dark, I was out taking photos at 8:30. The blades for the windmill are propped against the building. The windmill tower is right next to this building. Right now the tower has an old TV antenna on it. I would love to be able to convince the landlord to take the antenna down and put the blades back up. But I think I will bring the blades out and use them for a climbing vegetable or vine in my garden.

Icicles on the barn. The barn has a metal roof and creates great icicles. You have to hurry to get photos of them though, the sun on a metal roof slides the snow off rather quickly.

This is a photo of my wheelbarrows. I have no idea how I got to have that many, but I do. In fact, there is another one behind our garage that I just saw this morning.

This is a picture of my photo taking buddy. This is Loki. He is my daughter's dog. He couldn't go to Boise with her so he lives with us. He insists on going out to take photos. He had just bulldozzed his way through the snow and was trying to like the snow off his nose.

Have a great day!


Thrifting finds February 2011

On Friday, I hit our local thrift stores. I picked up a vintage glass flower frog and a box of Shiny Bright christmas ornaments.

I opened the box Friday night to find that it was missing two of the ornaments. On Friday, there had been a second box that I had left there. So Saturday morning, I went back and found the second box and it had the missing two ornaments in them. So now I have a set of 12.

I love Shiny Bright ornaments, have I mentioned that?

I love glass flower frogs. My love affair with them began when my grandma gave me hers when I was in high school. I now have 5. And now that I have a garden, I plan on growing flowers to be able to use my flower frogs. I can't wait until the lilacs bloom and the fruit trees bloom.

Have a great day!