Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas Tree

I was absolutely sure that I would have posted photos of my tree by now. But then Christmas and preparations for my middle daughter's wedding got in the way. Cassie got married the day after Christmas. Now that I am off for the next week, I am going to try to get in a post a day to get caught up with everything I have to share. So I will start with my tree.

So here it is before the decorations. Notice the way it leans to the side and to the back? When you get them in the mountains, they are not always perfect. That is just the way I like them. Lots of open space and lots of challenges-a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Here are the ornaments that I chose this year. Not all of them made it on, but most of them did.
This is just a few of what I have. I have tubs and tubs and tubs full of vintage ornaments. Rick and I spend a lot of time at the thrift stores and I just can't leave a vintage ornament behind. This season, I bought 5 boxes alone!

Here it is decorated. This year, I have 2 spinners that also move the ornament up and down. I also have 7 spinners that just spin. It is really fun to sit and watch, especially when it is completely dark outside. Next set of photos are some of my favorites.

I have fallen in love with these! They were made in Japan before WWII. I have two with trees, one with a snowman and one with a bird.

This one was made during WWII. The glass is bubbly is really pretty in the light.

This one was made during WWII also. It has a paper hanger. They came with paper hangers because the army needed all metal for the war effort.

This clip-on cockatiel came from a friend of my moms. She came from Germany as a young bride. She bought this for her first Christmas tree! She gave it to me, along with some pristine 50's Shiney Brights, when she found out that I collected vintage ornaments. I have had them almost 7 years now.

This is my most treasured. It was my great-grandma Stuhlberg's. She brought it from Germany when her family emigrated here in the 1920's. She gave it to my dad when he was a little boy. It was on our Christmas trees as a child. My dad gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago.

Have a great day!

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