Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas, Part 3

This year, we celebrated Christmas twice. The first time was at my mom and dad's and the second was at our house. We had to celebrate early as our son, Brady and his wife Kylie, were traveling to Seattle to spend the holidays with her family. Our first celebration was on December 17th.

Our younger children have always spent Christmas Eve watching the "Christmas Story" marathon on TBS. This year, Hannah told us about the "leg lamps" that Hastings carried. Perfect gift for Brady, you can tell by the look on Kylie's face that we had fed an obsession.

This is Hannah's best friend and roommate, Amy. We got Amy "Despicable Me", her favorite movie. Notice the hula hoop behind Amy? Kylie makes these for the classes that she teaches at the YMCA. They are weighted to give a maximum impact when you use it to exercise. This year, Amy, Hannah and our grand-daughter, Sophie got them.

Brady loves little ones. The tutu that Lilly has on was made by Kylie. I love handmade gifts. I got 3 wonderful handmade jar lanterns for my front porch. I can't wait to hang them up in the Spring.

Hannah got a hand-drawn Zombie Stormtrooper from Brady. Brady is a Starwars fanatic! Hannah shares the same obsession with Starwars that her big brother does. Hannah is also obsessed with Zombies. She LOVED her gift. Brady is studying to be a tatoo artist. Right now he is apprenticing with a well-known tatoo artist in Boise. He is actually selling his art while he is waiting to complete his apprenticeship. Hannah was so excited!

Kylie and Brady got Jackson a pirate cork gun. He has so much fun with it! He giggled and giggled, while he was shooting all of us with it. Definately his favorite gift!
Here is our daughter-in-law, Becky, with Lilly and Jackson.

Here is my mom with Lilly. My mom LOVES babies! Babies LOVE my mom. Many times since Thanksgiving my mom has been called the baby-hog. She just can't help herself.

Here is my dad with Lilly. Lilly was loving my dad. She was cooing at him and smiling at him. My dad has MS and is a bit shaky and usually refuses to hold babies, but he was so happy to hold her!
I got spoiled for Christmas. Rick said with Christmas and our upcoming wedding, we couldn't buy each other a present. Well, he didn't follow his own rule! I got a Nikon D-60 SLR! I have wanted a digital SLR forever. I love it!

Have a great day!

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