Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello, hospital...Updated!

Last night, I had to bring Rick into our local emergency room. He had a gall bladder/gall stone attack. Hannah and I are currently in the surgery waiting room waiting rather impatiently for the surgeon to remove Rick's gall bladder and possibly his appendix. Looks like he should be able to come home tomorrow, hopefully.

At least this time, they figured it out. Last time we were here about 8 or so months ago, they couldn't tell us what it was. And we got our favorite emergency room nurse (who is a friend of ours) which cheered us all immensely.

All I can say is thank goodness for WebMD. He asked me to look up gall bladder issues, since it runs in his family and sure enough that is what it was.


P.S. We ended up having to have his gall bladder removed and then a second procedure to remove gall stones from his bile duct. He is resting pretty well right now.

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