Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Musical News for our family!

Hannah and Keith have parts in "Beauty and the Beast"! Hannah is the Milkmaid and Keith is the Book Seller.

Rick is sitting this one out until dress rehearsals this year. His Diabetes is out of whack, and he isn't feeling well. Didn't think he would have the energy to do this one. But he will be helping out back stage.

I will resume my postition in helping to alter/repair costumes and maybe help backstage, too! It was so much fun in "Jekyll and Hyde", I hope they need me!

The kids start rehearsals on Monday the 25th!

Have a great day.


  1. I love musicals! My daughter is busy directing a musical with our high school students... Back to the 80s. It's so much fun watching her put dance moves together and listening to her sing. I hope Hannah and Keith have a wonderful time with Beauty and the Beast!

  2. Fabulous news. I love practically every musical ever made. I listen to them all of the time so that my children are also fans. I hope one day that they will try out for musicals. Congrats to them both.