Saturday, January 15, 2011

More on the great week!

My great week started with my friend, Robyn, loving her camera strap.

I liked it so much I made myself one using Moda's Basic Grey Urban Chic. And I love it!

The next day that made my week awesome was Wednesday. Two things happened on Wednesday.

First, Hannah and I took her friend, Brittani's senior pictures. Her yearbook photo was due on Friday, not a lot of time but we got 82 pictures between 4 P.M. and 6 P.M. I will share some of my favorites.

In the "Old Towne" area of our town is this amazing blue door. Hannah and I LOVE it. So many people take photos in front of it that someone has built stairs to get up to it. I took Hannah's senior pictures at this door. This is one that I took.

Then Hannah took over and the results are amazing!

This one is at our city park looking toward St. Edward's Catholic church.

This one was taken at our Centennial Water Park in our Snake River Canyon. This place has special meaning for Britt. It was where her Junior Prom photos were taken.

Our Snake River Canyon has springs that leak through the walls. This is just on the right hand side of the road coming out of the canyon. The ice is beautiful! I took my son and daughter-in-law's engagement photos close to this area 2 1/2 years ago.

This one made me very nervous. This is a ledge that the kids climb down to stand under the waterfall in the summer. Hannah tested it before she put Britt on it.The tree behind her has a root base is 30 feet straight down. The tree is covered in ice because of the spray from the waterfall. The coolie that supplies this waterfall is a warm water coolie so it runs all year.

This one was taken on the edge of our canyon rim on a lookout trail. Still made me nervous as there was less than a foot of dirt before there was a sheer drop to the canyon floor. Kids are fearless!

Britt was a trooper. It was so cold and the wind was more than a little brisk. We were all freezing by the time we were done. Who knew you could take Senior photos in the middle of winter?

The second thing that made Wednesday awesome, was my grandson Jackson's 3rd birthday party. It was held at a local pizza joint called Maxie's.

Hannah loving Lily. Lily is sucking her thumb. Hannah and Lily are kindred spirits. Hannah still sucks her thumb.

Jackson in the middle of the present frenzy.

Rick and I gave Jackson the digital camera that he used during his Aunt Cassie's wedding. And he immediately wanted to take photos. This is a boy after his grandma's heart!

This is the amazing cake that Jackson's Nana Diana made. She has some amazing cake skills. He loved it!

Not much else happened that was blog worthy happened this weel. But what happened made it an awesome week!

Have a great day!

P.S. I made my goal of cleaning my house 2 weeks in a row! WooHoo!

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