Saturday, January 22, 2011

I had some great news today!

I had some awesome news today...

I won something! Something awesome!

I won Betz White's my word giveaway!

I get to have my word for this year on a necklace made by Lisa Leonard!
I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!
My word for this year is Simplify. One of the ways I am Simplifying my life is to clean my house on a regular schedule.
Today, I managed to get my third week of cleaning my house on schedule done, and early.
Our dogs would not let us sleep past 5 this morning.
I am not one who can just sit around in the mornings.
I have to be doing something.
I got all my major housework done this morning before 6 A.M.

That left the rest of the day to craft.

I cut backgrounds for my Cathedral Window foundation. I cut 56 or more background squares and twice that many window inserts. I hope to have a photo tomorrow to show. I would do it tonight, but I am getting ready to cook dinner, and I am watching the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale car auction with my sweetie.
Hope everyone has an awesome day!


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