Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh My Gosh!

Our Magic Valley Little Theatre's production of Jekyll and Hyde is amazing. I have been at dress rehearsals last night and tonight and I am amazed. Final dress rehearsal is tomorrow night. I am working costume repairs as soon as I get there tomorrow and then I will be taking some more photos. The few that I have taken have been SO blurry. So tomorrow night, I will move a little closer to the stage and see if that helps because my tripod didn't help much tonight.

Tonight was also Hannah's Fall Choir concert. How bad of a mom am I that I didn't know until yesterday that she was in two choirs this year? I thought that the choir director was just sending me grade updates twice. "No mom!" (insert eye roll here) "I am in Madrigals AND Concert Choir this year!" (Insert another eye roll here.) Both choirs did awesome tonight. Hannah sang a solo in "Seasons of Love", from the musical "Rent", and did a fantastic job! When I get a little more time, I will download photos from both the concert and the rehearsals. Right now I am headed to bed. I don't know how Rick, Hannah, Keith, and the rest of the cast stay up this late. It is now 3 hours past my bedtime for the second night in a row and I am exhausted!

Have an awesome day!

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