Saturday, October 31, 2009

Final Night!

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Tonight is closing night for Magic Valley Little Theatre's production of Jekyll and Hyde. It is a bittersweet night for our family. For the last 6 weeks, Rick and Hannah have committed Monday-Thursday for this week. There will be a lot of tears I am sure!

We in the Magic Valley are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing talent! I cannot tell you how well the leads have stepped into their rolls and brought this world to life; simply no words.

Opening night we had 420 patrons and last night we had 540 patrons. Word of mouth is spreading like wildfire.

I have had so much fun this week. I have been stretched outside of my normal comfort zones; and I have found out that I rather like it. For starters, I was privileged enough to help out backstage. There is so much energy back there. And God willing, I will get to help out back there tonight.

I have done my usual costume repairs which I enjoy. This show though, I had to repair a lead's corset that was not constructed very well and was falling apart after opening night. I stretched my imagination and was able to repair it and make Liberty feel so much more comfortable in her role.

I have so enjoyed getting to know the cast. They are all such a gracious, friendly, accepting bunch of folk; an extended part of our family, if you will. I have marveled at how much they love Hannah and Rick. I have had the privilege of getting to see my daughter in her element. She has blossomed!

I have enjoyed watching Rick step into the Backstage Manager roll. In Jekyll and Hyde, he is on stage 3 or 4 times. To keep himself busy, he volunteered to do this. He has enjoyed it so much that I am sure he will be volunteering to do it in the future!

I would like to thank our director Lori Henson, her husband Troy and their daughter Madison for bringing this vision to life. We, in the Webb household, have had the time of our lives.

Have an awesome day!

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