Friday, July 19, 2013

My Pita Kitty

During the 4th of July weekend last year, we inherited a cat.
We live in the country, so this happens all the time. Rick went up to shut down the irrigation water and heard the cries of a small kitten. He went to investigate and came home with a Tortoise Shell kitten.

She joined our brood of outside cats. She was constantly under our feet when we were outside. And she was such a sweetheart. But, we were not in the market for an inside cat.
I came home from my first day of school in September of last year to find her still being a sweetheart, but with her insides outside of her body. Something had gotten hold of her and hurt her. I called Rick in a panic, and he said to take her to our vet. I was expecting the vet to tell me that she would have to be put down. He said he could save her!
She has been an inside cat ever since. We have had her a year, which is hard to believe. She stands up for herself with our 3 inside dogs. As far as she and the dogs are in concerned, she is in charge.
 She still resembles that little kitten, only she is huge. I took her to get her shots in March and she had gained 9 pounds from the time we had found her, and she hasn't gotten any smaller since then.
 She believes everything in the house is hers.

Last night she decided to burrow in my laptop bag.

 Rick is responsible for her name. PITA is an acronym. Her full name is Pain In The A**. He called her that because she cried non-stop for weeks after he found her, and if he stood still, she would climb his body.
She is one of the many animal loves of my life. I can't imagine life without her.
Have a great day,

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