Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jarbidge, Nevada October 01, 2011

Rick and I got to go to Jarbidge, Nevada this day for a birthday party.  The birthday party was for the parents of one of his dearest friends.  He has known Marianne for about 40 years! 
This first photo is of Rick "tailgating".  We had assumed that the local watering hole would have the Boise State game on that day, so we went down early.  We were told by the bartender that they didn't get the game, which didn't make either of us too happy...
What is a BSU fan to do?  Turn on the radio and see if you can get the Boise AM radio station...and yes, we did!
Little did we know that the bartender was mistaken, we got to watch a little of the game before the birthday party.
Here are Rick and Marianne at the party. 
Here is the beautiful sunset we got to see on our way home

A wonderful day spent with wonderful people...who could ask for more?
Not me!
Have a great day!

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