Wednesday, November 30, 2011

End of October update

October was a busy month for us. 
The end of October especially. 

The great thing about having grandkids is you still get to enjoy Halloween.

Jackson went as a pirate and Lilly went as his parrot. 
 Our daughter-in-law Becky's mom made both outfits. 
She did an amazing job!

Jackson and Grandpa had to show off their pirate hats for the camera.

Lilly was NOT impressed with grandpa's idea that she could be the pirate and he would be the parrot!

A lot of October was spent working with one of our local theatre groups on the production of Cinderella. 
Rick was stage manager.
I worked in costumes.  One of my duties was fancy-ing up the dress as well as altering it.

I added shoulder straps to make our Cinderella more comfortable.  Then I added sparkly tulle to try to recreate the look of the dress from the Disney Cinderella.

Then I had to add a back panel to make it fit.  I used two different fabrics layered to get the look of the fabric the dress was made of--a sparkly satin and a tulle encrusted in glitter and rhinestones. 
Matched pretty good, if I say so myself.

And I got to babysit Gus-Gus and Jaques during the production. 

Have a great day!

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