Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Prom Photos

I have been trying to post this post since Tuesday! Today is actually Saturday, April 17th! Life gets in the way, for sure. Not sure anyone wants to hear the details.

So without further ado, here is my post about Hannah's Prom day.

When I was in school, Prom consisted of your date picking you up, a quick dinner and then going to Prom. When you were at Prom, you stayed long enough to drink some really bad punch, see who was Prom queen and have your photo taken as a memento. No one but the Prom royalty ever danced that I can remember. Fast forward to Prom day for my daughter and her friends. It is an all day event!

Our morning started bright and early on Saturday at 6:30 A.M. Hannah and her best friend Amy's Prom dates came over to our house to cook the girls breakfast. They brought and cooked enough food to feed an army! Cody even brought Hannah a vase full of long-stem pink roses! Hannah's friend Taylor and her date Michael joined the party in time to eat breakfast. The boys even rinsed the dishes and loaded and started the dish washer, how cool was that?

John (Amy's date), Michael (Taylor's date), and Cody (Hannah's date)

After breakfast, the guys took the girls to a couple of local attractions. First they went to Hop-To-It, where they enjoyed multiple bounce houses. Nykole and her date, Derek, joined the group there. Derek is my daughter-in-law Becky's cousin. Then they were treated to Nascart, which is a local go-cart place where they played pool, climbed the rock wall and drove go-carts.

Hannah, Amy and Nykole at Hop-To-It

After that, Hannah and Amy were mine and Amy's mom, Cindy's, for the afternoon. Cindy and I went to pick up boutonnieres first. Then we met Hannah and Amy at my friend Terri's salon for hairdos.

Terri starting on Hannah's hair

I swear Hannah's hair was 3 feet wide! It was huge!

Not sure how Terri got that huge hair to this stage. She is truly a master!

Amy, Terri, and Hannah

The photos I posted on Sunday were from the photos we took when the guys picked up our girls. The following photos are from dinner.

Amy and John

Derek and Nykole

Taylor and Michael

Hannah and Taylor

Cody and Hannah

Grand March started at 8:00 p.m. For those outside our area, Grand March is quite a thing in our school. Grand March is a presentation of all the ladies and their dates to family and friends, as well as presentation of Prom Royalty. Here are my ladies at Grand March.

Amy and John

Nykole and Derek

Taylor and Michael

Hannah and Cody

Cody and Hannah

Hannah said they danced until the prom was over! So different from my Proms!

I would like to thank Cody for making Hannah's Senior Prom so amazing. What an awesome young man.

I would also like to thank Hannah, Amy, Taylor and Nykole for letting me make dresses, alter dresses, help with date tux issues, pin boutonnieres and take lots of photos. Love you all!

Have a great day!


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