Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Big Surprise for Hannah!

Today, Hannah and I met my mom in town to have lunch and hang out. We went to Chili's and had a delicious meal and then headed to Hancock Fabrics. My mom needed some thread and wanted to browse Hancock Fabrics fat quarters. Hannah and I were there to decide on fabrics for her dress and to get an idea on how much we were going to have to set aside on Wednesday to buy what we needed to make her dress.

Well, Hannah's surprise is that her Maga (my mom) bought the fabrics for her today, so Hannah wouldn't have to wait. What a lovely surprise for both of us!

Here are the fabrics Hannah decided on:

The Chartreuse green is the underskirt fabric, as well as the waist fabric and the pink is the over skirt fabric. Hannah saw this color combination at a Prom Dress shop in our capitol city of Boise while she was there on Friday for State Championships for boys basketball. She brought me a photo home on her phone to see what I thought. This is going to be one gorgeous dress.

Dress making will have to wait until after Beauty and the Beast, which is done next Sunday. Lucky me, I have Spring Break the following week, so I plan on doing some serious sewing that week!

Now we just need to help Amy, Hannah's best friend, choose her fabrics and I can hopefully start on Amy's dress too!

Have a great week!

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