Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time has been flying!

It is hard to believe that it has been 3 weeks since the last time I posted. I am not sure where the time has gone.

Here are some of the highlights. Rick and I drove down to Jarbidge, Nevada for its 100 year anniversary. Rick has a friend whose parents live there. Maryanne was here from Kentucky. Rick hadn't seen her since graduation. We had so much fun. Maryanne is a hoot and I enjoyed meeting her. Not only was she there, several other of his friends were there. We sat and visited for hours. The following pictures are from our trip. The first one is of Elk Mountain. There is still snow at the very top.

This photo is Murphy Hot Springs. It is a small settlement based around a natural hotspring. The hot spring is no longer operating. Pretty sad.

Most of the trip to Jarbidge is on a one lane dirt road! Miles and miles and miles of one lane dirt road!
Rock constantly fall from the canyon walls.

Interesting rock formations through the canyon.

We were treated to a parade! It had 2 horse drawn wagons and about 7 model-T cars. It went through town three times.

Hannah's friend Hayley has moved in with us for awhile. She let me have some more of her photos of Hannah and Keith to share.

Hannah and Hayley drove to Pocatello to watch the boys perform an acoustic set at a venue there. Here are Hannah and Keith hamming it up during someone else's performance.

Here are the boys performing one of their songs. Ron is on the left, Keith is in the middle and Tony is on the right.
The last one of the boys is a close-up of Ron and Keith.

The next photos are Hannah's camp photos. Most of the ones she took are of the senior graduation banquet/dance. These are her best guy friends. Kevin on the left, Rayne in the middle and Chase on the right. Here are the girls. Hannah, Krystl, Sydney and Arden.

Here is Arden and Hannah. Arden and Hannah started camp together when they were 5! I have watched the two of them grow up together through camp photos each year.

This is what the campers call a "cuddle puddle". On the last day, the kids crash together while waiting for transportation home. On Sunday, August 3, Rick took me for a bike ride. We went up to Albion, Idaho and then back through Burley. This is a barn near Malta, Idaho.

This is the top of the hill out of Albion. I thought the scenery was gorgeous.

This is my view from the back of the bike.

Hopefully, I will be posting more. I am off this week before school starts. I am going to try to finish my quilt I am making for my bed. I also have a dresser to refinish to match the desk/vanity I finished earlier. So I hope to post about those things soon.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog -- will be back again.
    Are you bikers members of Christian Motorcyclist Association? My Sweetie and I are.