Monday, July 27, 2009

An Awesome Day!

My post today has no photos. Oh well.

Today, my mom and I took Hannah up to Church camp. She has been going to the same camp since she was five. When she was five, camp was a 2 day, one night affair. As she has grown older, it has increased in time until she has reached CYF camp. This is for grades 10 through graduation. She has only missed one year in 12 years, for a softball tournament in Jr. High School. She regrets it to this day.

We actually didn't get to drive her up to Boise to catch her ride with the Red Rock Christian Church of Boise group. One of her friends needed company to ride up to Boise to check on his sister who had been brutally attacked by a renter in her home. They left at 10:30 last night. Thankfully Ron's sister is physically okay. I am sure it will take a long time for the emotional scars to fully heal. I drove Hannah's car up to Boise, following my mom. Hannah needs her car because she always stays one extra day so she can go to Camp Sunday with her friends from the Red Rock Church and give her testimony on what she learned from this camp year. Someone's parents always have a BBQ after church for a little bit more together time for the kids. This year, she will have company on the way home. One of her friends from Pocatello is staying for camp Sunday as well. His mom will meet him in Twin Falls sometime Sunday afternoon. She is pretty excited to have someone to ride with her.

This year a lot of Hannah's friends are graduates and leaving her behind. There are over ten grads this year. Next year, when it is Hannah's turn, there are only 3 grads. She is very sad about this already, she has actually been sad about it for weeks. She is really going to miss her friends.

We met up with Hannah at my son Brady's house. It was a treat because both he and his wife Kylie had the morning off. My mom took us all to lunch at Red Robin. It was yummy. Hannah and Brady both entertained us with stories of camps past. One, I guess I wasn't aware of, involved Brady, his best friend Tom and Tom's younger brother Kevin and a bear cub and a growling mama bear that they could hear, but couldn't see. First time I had heard it. Kylie and Hannah tried to keep Brady on track while he was telling the story. Seems he tends to embellish his stories for entertainment purposes. Too funny, though, anyway you look at it. There was also some discussion between Hannah and Kylie about the benefits of camping. Camping is something Kylie definately doesn't like.

We then took Hannah to the church to catch her ride. She was like a little kid waiting for Christmas. We were early, then she couldn't remember if the time she had told my mom and I was the right time. She tried texting and calling her friends and no one replied. Finally, kids started to show up and she was out of the car, hugging and catching up with not only her friends but their parents too. It was lovely to see. I am so excited for her! She has waited 365 days for this day to come. I just know that she will have so much fun.

After we left Hannah, my mom took me to the Quilt Crossing in Boise. I got two charm packs of Neptune by Tula Pink. Then we headed to Hancock Fabrics. My mom bought me a Dresden Plate ruler. I am going to make my Neptune charm packs into 4 1/2 inch Dresden Plates for a quilt top. If you haven't seen Neptune, you don't know what you are missing. The theme is the sea. The colors in this line are over the top-so rich and beautiful.

When we got home, Rick met us at my parents' house and my dad surprised us and took us out to dinner. It was such a relaxed day. I didn't even think about work at all today. The great thing is that I don't even feel guilty about it.

I had an awesome day, hope you have a great one too!

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  1. I'm glad you had so much fun...and especially glad that you didn't think about work one bit. You deserve a day like that!