Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

I have been meaning to blog these photos since Mother's Day. Life has a tendancy of getting in the way. Thanks to Christy, we spent Mother's Day at Shoshone Falls Park for a photo shoot. Then we went over to her house for a BBQ. Good food and family, what could be better?

Hannah took most of the photos as my film Pentax finally bit the dust. I sure am going to miss my 300mm lens! Maybe Rick can find me a comparable lens for the Canon he found me. I am crossing my fingers. I think this one is my favorite one that Hannah took. The lighting is perfect!

Christy, Brent, Sophie and Isaak. I am so glad we got to have him for the day!

The kids' mom, Karen, was here from Anchorage, Alaska. This one is Christy and Karen.

The large group is Christy's mother-in-law and the family. Brent's sister Jody, her husband Branden, Jade, Jason, and Josie are on the right hand side. Then, Joan. Next to Joan are Christy, Brent, Isaak and Sophie. On the left side is Brent's sister Jill, her oldest T.J and his wife Maria, Conner and Sydney.

Here are Rick and I and Hannah and Christy. Jake and Becky hadn't gotten there yet.

My grandkids Sophie and Isaak.

All of my grandkids together! Isaak, Jackson and Sophie.

Our son, Jake and his wife Becky and Jackson.

These two! What to say? Doesn't matter how long it has been since they last saw each other, they act like they did when they were little. Isaak was born when Hannah was 4. Christy babysat Hannah for us before Hannah started school. These two are soulmates.

Here are Rick and I, Hannah, Christy, Brent, Isaak and Sophie.

Here is Hannah at the Shoshone Falls observatory. Thanks B, for helping to take photos!

The only things missing were Brady and his wife Kylie and Cassie and her sweetie, Chris. That would have made a wonderful Mother's Day even better. I sure hope everyone else had as great of one as I did.

Have a great day.



  1. Thanks for posting on my blog. You and your husband are great breeders...beautiful family!!! And 3 two look far too young. Keep blogging. xxxRobby

  2. Beautiful Family!! Your granddaughter has beautiful long and pretty!