Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thrifting finds February 2011

On Friday, I hit our local thrift stores. I picked up a vintage glass flower frog and a box of Shiny Bright christmas ornaments.

I opened the box Friday night to find that it was missing two of the ornaments. On Friday, there had been a second box that I had left there. So Saturday morning, I went back and found the second box and it had the missing two ornaments in them. So now I have a set of 12.

I love Shiny Bright ornaments, have I mentioned that?

I love glass flower frogs. My love affair with them began when my grandma gave me hers when I was in high school. I now have 5. And now that I have a garden, I plan on growing flowers to be able to use my flower frogs. I can't wait until the lilacs bloom and the fruit trees bloom.

Have a great day!


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