Sunday, April 03, 2011

More vintage finds!

Well, not much has happened this last week. I had a three work week this week, that was nice. Not so nice is the fact there aren't anymore school holidays until Memorial Day. It is going to be a long two months!
I got a few new vintage things at the thrift stores over the last week or so, thought I would share them.
First up is lids for my Pyrex Butterprint casserole dishes. I thought they were mixing bowls until I was doing some research for a friend for a broken mixing bowl and found out that mine were covered casserole dishes. Found the lids at our local Deseret Industries for $0.75 a piece. I think I have less than $10.00 in the set with the lids! I love this Pyrex print. My mom had the mixing bowls in this pattern when I was a little girl. She still has 2 of the set of 4. I have the smallest mixing bowl that I picked up a while back.

Next up is my Brown Drip Pottery parmesan cheese shaker. I love Brown Drip Pottery. I don't have a specific maker that I collect, I love it all. Not sure who made this one, the lettering does scream 70's though.

And I got these Ball Quilted Crystal jelly jars for 50 cents. The pink and green match the colors of my craft room. I am going to use them to put buttons or beads in and then put them on my shelf. The lids make me happy! I love the flowers, again so 70's.

I hope your week was as good as mine!

Have a great day!


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