Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Not much happening around here.
I went to lunch with my mom on Saturday for my birthday. We shopped for fabric and she bought me fabric that I am adding to my Cathedral windows quilt.
Saturday was a lovely day! It was almost 60 degrees! It was a bit rainy in the afternoon and I captured a photo of a rainbow. My photo doesn't do it justice.

With the money my mom gave me for my birthday, I bought a Jackamanii clematis root, a bleeding heart, Icelandic poppies, Provence lavender, lemon balm and lemon thyme. Everything but the lemon balm and the lemon thyme are planted.

I need to dig the grass and weeds out of the front flower beds and buy some more perennials. I hope to do that this coming weekend. After the 60 degree temperatures on Saturday, we have had rainy weather with temperatures in the 40's. It poured buckets yesterday!

Got to love living in Idaho!

Have a great day!


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