Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello, again...

I seem to be missing a lot lately.
Since my last post, I have battled are REALLY NASTY VIRUS that I contracted from my kiddos in my classroom. I am still dealing with the virus moving from a sore throat to a super-nasty head congestion to super-nasty chest congestion, to super-nasty chest congestion combined with the second round of super-nasty head congestion. YUCK!
In addition to the REALLY NASTY VIRUS, I have spent the last 10 days working on costumes and backstage at our local theater group's production of "The Secret Garden". Luckily, I couldn't pass on the crud that I have; everyone else was sick with the same crud too.
Even though I don't have the energy to burn my candle at both ends, I did anyway.
My theater people did an amazing job! From the actors to the costume people, to the make-up people, to the prop people to our amazing director, we all did an amazing job!
I got to hang out with so many of my friends! I also got to make many more new friends.
My theater family keeps growing with each show. Each new person in my life makes me so happy.
And our little ones in lead and back-up rolls; WOW! I will be one of the little old ladies who go to the matinees someday and I will be able to say I watched those actors and actresses grow up in my theater family.
This weekend was also bittersweet.
Our Hannah was not in this production, and she misses theater desperately! She did get to come see opening night with me on Thursday.
Bittersweet because one of our young ladies is moving on to Boise State, Miss Tess will be greatly missed. I can't wait until she is in her first production in Boise. I will definitely have tickets to see her debut in our capital city!
I am counting down the days until Spring Break. It starts here in with a half-day on Friday. We have been having some rather nice weather, I am hoping that Rick and I will take a few motorcycle rides!
I am so excited!
Have a great day.

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