Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Baby Shower

This last weekend, I had the priviledge of attending a baby shower. It was for my daughter-in-law, Becky. It was so much fun to be honoring a new mother with a group of beautiful women!
The shower was put on by Becky's good friend, Keisha. I was very remiss in not getting a photo of the two of them. I was having so much fun!
It was held at Becky's mom and dad's house.

First photo is of Miss Lilly wearing the hat that Keisha made. It is adorable!

Next up is the beautiful table that Keisha set for all of us. We had mini-quiches, asian spring rolls, cupcakes, individual pumpkin cheesecakes and spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.


Keisha made a tutu for Lilly's first birthday and a hair ribbon hanger for Lilly's bedroom. You can see glimpses of them in the table photo! Keisha is an amazing crafter.

The next photo is of Becky with the afghan that my mom made for Lilly. My mom makes the most amazing baby afghans. Lilly's big brother, Jackson, still naps with his!

Next up is a photo of Lilly's big brother, Jackson, in his cowboy outfit that we bought him. Can't have a 2 1/2 year old at a baby shower without presents!

He got a lot of presents which is always fun. Most of them related to Toy Story 3. Jackson is all about Woody from the Toy Story movies and cowboys right now! He was NOT into having his picture taken right now, so I have to sneek them!

There are no photos of me holding Lilly at the shower. I have been trying to recover from the flu and I am still feeling under the weather. I would hate to think that I could pass something on to such a little one. So I will wait until I feel a lot better, just in case.

I was indeed blessed to have had such a fantastic girls' day out! And I would like to thank Keisha and Becky's mom, Diana, for such a great time!

Have a great day!


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