Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Thanks to my friend, Diana (my daughter-in-law's mom), I have plenty of pumpkins for Halloween! Diana gave me these decorative pumpkins, at least 9 pie pumpkins and 4 HUGE carving pumpkins. I gave Hannah and her best friend, Amy, two of the carving pumpkins.
Tomorrow I will be carving our 2. I can't decide on a "fancy pattern downloaded off the internet" or the basic "stick a knife in and carve what amounts to a stick figure" image. Because I don't have young kids at home anymore, I am leaning towards the "stick the knife in mode".
Sometime this weekend, I will be cleaning out the pie pumpkins and baking the flesh to store for Thanksgiving pies and I will be roasting the pumpkin seeds.
I love roasted pumpkin seeds! My favorite is the original Martha Stewart one with sea salt and crushed rosemary. However, I have found a curried Indian recipe that looks awesome as well.
I love Halloween!

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