Saturday, September 11, 2010

My new kitty!

We have inherited a new kitty! He is an outside kitty. Don't know what his name was before...

I have named him Skye.

First thing Hannah wanted to know, did I name him Skye after Skye Masterson from "Guys and Dolls". Her very first and most vivid musical memory. Rick was Big Julie in "Guys and Dolls" when Hannah was 3 or 4 years old.

We, in the Webb household, think that Skye Masterson was Marlon Brando's best role!

I named him Skye because he is the color of clouds, all white, grays, and browns. He also has the most beautiful sky blue eyes.

He sits on the front porch in my glider rocker waiting for me to come home in the afternoons to sit with him in my lap. I won't ever get all my stuff out of boxes if the front porch rocker and this kitty keep calling me in the afternoons...


Have a great day!


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