Friday, August 27, 2010

Life gets in the way!

Life sure does get in the way, sometimes, sure has gotten in my way a lot lately!
Last time I posted, was the day before the 4th of July. We sure did enjoy ourselves, I always love the fireworks and spending time with family and friends! I sure wish all my kids could have been there, only Jake and his family and Hannah and her best friend, Amy. No photos, it seems like I never get any photos of our celebrations.
Hannah moved out on the 1st of August. She and her best friend Amy moved into a studio apartment in town. I guess they have to grow up sometime, I just wish it hadn't broad-sided me. I made curtains for the main window. They are brown and white polka dots with a bright blue and orange stripe in the middle. It's a really cute place. I just bought her a coffee maker and a mini griddle so she could have coffee and they could make pancakes. That part has been fun, buying stuff to make their place cozy. I am going to make curtains for the kitchen area. I am using a Moda Bake Shop pattern that uses honey bun strips and wooden beads. The kitchen curtains will be brown, pink and lime green. All of the colors are based on a set of curtains the girls bought to hide the "bedroom nook" area, brown curtains with bright blue, yellow, orange, pink and lime green daisies.
Rick's mom came home at the end of July. It has been a roller coaster ride with her. She refuses to eat a lot of the time and she refuses to take her medications when we give them to her. She has been hiding food in dresser drawers after we take it into her. We have had to put a food ban on her bedroom. Don't need mice! We have had home health coming out as requested by the doctor, but she refuses to participate in what they need her to do about 50 % of the time. Today she refused to do physical therapy and let the bath aide give her a shower. She hasn't had a shower in over a week. It is really very frustrating!
On top of everything, we are moving to a new house, within the next two weeks. A much smaller house. We don't need 5 bedrooms and an $1800 rent payment now that Hannah isn't home and we have huge bills that mom's medicare won't pay.
I really like the new place. It is a farm house that was built in the early 1900's. My kind of house. It has a barn, an orchard and a garden. I am so excited for the garden. I have always wanted a garden space. As soon as we move in, I will be requesting seed catalogs so I can plan what I want in my garden. I know I want scarlet runner beans for sure. I know I want pumpkins. I know I want heirloom tomatoes. And the orchard has everything but citrus trees, citrus trees won't grow here. I will have peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, apples, and cherries. There is also a very large raspberry bush that is full of fruit. I am going to have to learn to can! I have always wanted to learn to do that.
The house itself has beautiful old wood window seats and door frames, a huge kitchen with a fireplace, a cute little area off of the garage that has views of the mountains, and a front porch. I am sure there are hardwood floors, but they are covered with wool carpet. Not sure that is to my liking, but when you rent, there is not a lot you can say about it. I am claiming the front bedroom for my new craft room. It has two windows with window seats. Not a huge room, but I don't need a huge room. I just need a place to escape when things get to be too much. The new house doesn't have a family room like the place we are living now, and the basement family room has been where I have gone when I am stressed out.
Not excited for the moving process. I hate packing and hauling boxes. On top of that, my rheumatologist discovered that I have tendinitis in my Achilles tendon and the tendon is ready to rupture. Had to have an MRI on Thursday, the radiologist found something because he did a second set of scans higher up in my ankle and calf. I have been warned that I will probably need surgery, I am just hoping that it holds out until after we have gotten moved in to our new place.
I have spent the summer, teaching 31 students with behavior/emotional disorders. During the school year, I have a total of 10 to 12. Very draining on any reserves of sanity I had left. I am extremely grateful for the staff I work with on a daily basis, I have them to thank for what sanity I do have.
I haven't looked at any blogs, haven't really done any crafting of any sort. I am trying to tat, but I keep messing up. Must be the stress.
I sure hope that once we get moved and settled in that things go back to normal and I can get back to my happy place.
On a good note, I have the next 10 days off, which will be spent packing boxes and moving. Maybe not such a good thing!

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