Saturday, April 03, 2010

Finished Prom Dresses

I am finally able to post our finished Prom dresses!

This has been a wild ride. I have made 2 Prom dresses in between March 16th and March 30th! It wasn't really as hard as I thought it was going to be. I was scared the most by the zippers. I hadn't sewn a zipper since I was in Home-Ec in high school 25 years ago. To conquer my fear, I watched videos on YouTube that showed how to do it. Piece of cake! The Internet is awesome!
And I only sewed through one of my fingers one time!

So, first photo is of Hannah's pattern. She chose the 'blue view'.

This photo is of the materials before I started sewing.

Next, is Hannah modeling her dress. I couldn't wait to take a photo, so please excuse the dark, inside basement, late at night photo.

Here it is with the ribbon roses and ribbon streamer. The pattern called for 18 small ribbon roses, Hannah decided that would be just too much. I handmade 3 large ribbon roses instead. Hannah and her friends decided one would do. I still like it with 3, but it is not my dress, and I want her to be happy!
And here are the shoes she fell in love with. She chose white because we are adding pearl/beaded shoulder straps that I found at the fabric store. Hannah just wasn't comfortable with the complete strapless idea.

Now on to Amy's dress! Here is Amy's pattern. She chose the 'blue view'.

Here are the materials before I got started. The fabrics look almost blue, but they are really a royal purple for the over skirt and the lining. Mustard yellow pool table is not really conducive to photo taking!

Next is Amy's dress waiting for her to try it on. She had to ref a soccer game, so she was not expecting it to be done. Hannah and their friend, Nycole, made sure that she had her eyes closed until she had the dress completely on. The look on her face was priceless!

And finally Amy posing for me in her dress!
I am so thrilled that both girls were happy with their finished dresses. Hopefully tomorrow, we will be able to get out and about in the sun with no wind to take photos in natural light. All I need is some good morning light with even a little breeze, so I am crossing my fingers and calling in my karma as we are supposed to have another wind-blown snow storm. We have had 2 of those storms this week!

Oh, and I altered another one so one of Hannah's friends could go to Prom. Nycole's dad wasn't going to let her go because of the cost of the dress she wanted. Well, we had an extra one hanging around that someone gave Hannah, so I made it over to fit Nycole. Now she gets to go! I am so excited for Grand March on Saturday.

Grand March is a tradition at our high school. The girls and their dates are presented to family and friends for photo taking opportunities before the Prom starts. One of my favorite things ever! Bittersweet this year as Hannah is our last!

Have a great day!


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