Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jekyll and Hyde is 5 days away and counting!

I thought I would share with you the local commercial for Jekyll and Hyde that came out a couple of days ago.

My people have been coming home from rehearsals SO EXCITED! I can't wait to see it.

Starting Monday, I will be at rehearsals. On Monday, I get to find out my roles. Not only do I get to help with costumes, I will probably usher and take tickets each night. Hannah and I will be late on Tuesday as she has a Madrigals choir concert at school. She has several solos. She is pretty bummed out that her dad and Keith can't come; but that is the chance you take when you talk your people into auditioning with you! After the concert, Hannah and I get to rush rehearsals.

Wednesday is final rehearsal. Guaranteed that I will be packing my big Canon film camera to take photos of my peeps.

I am going to take photos of Hannah tomorrow to test drive my big lens that I got at the thrift store; so I know if it will work during rehearsals. Nice thing we have a new SuperWalmart in our town. As soon as I take photos I can have them 1 hour processed so I know what I am dealing with. Will share photos as soon as I get them.

Have an awesome day!

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