Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life is Good!

I haven't been blogging a lot lately as I have been super busy. I have been quilting on my bed quilt. I have been super busy at work. I have been sharing the computer with my family, which has been an issue in the past!

Today we have snow! It has started to taper off since I took these pictures, but we have a good 1/2 to 1 inch of snow on the ground. I am just hoping the wind will pick up and blow it around a bit, so we can have a snow day tomorrow. That probably won't happen; but a girl can hope, can't she?

Yesterday, we hit the thrift stores. I was on a rescue mission to save as many vintage Christmas ornaments as I could find. I didn't find a single one. But I hit the jackpot anyway!

First I scored some vintage tatting thread. Rick made a point to tell me that he thinks I have hit hoarding status. I love the size 50 or higher vintage tatting threads. Those little balls of thread are so cute and they have the most amazing colors. Colors that aren't made now! I got an unused ball of yellow and pink as well as partial balls of green and variegated pink.

Here they are on my craft room bookcase with their counterparts. This little basket makes me so very happy.
But then, this whole bookcase makes me so very happy!

My next find, is another one of the things I collect. I love antique spools. These ones have been used as candle holders by the person who had them before me. I am not sure if I will use them for the same thing. But I found a home for them for now.

Sorry about the quality of this photo. I couldn't get a decent one with the flash on, so I turned it off. Then the light decided to glare through the blinds. Sometimes I can't win, no matter what I try.

Another one of the things I love are vintage aluminum drinking glasses. I haven't found one in almost a year. Yesterday, I found one in the most beautiful shade of blue! I just love these! In the summertime, iced tea stays pretty cold in these. And if you enjoy a really cold glass of milk, there is nothing better than an aluminum glass! I am not a milk drinker, but I love it in these glasses!

Here it is with it's relatives. When I took this photo, 3 of them were in use by my daughter and her friends with their lunch.

Next, is one of Rick's finds. He teases me about hoarding things, but he has his hoarding issues too. He collects sunglasses. Yesterday, he found a pair of late 50's or early 60's Ray-Ban sunglasses. He thought Hannah would love them and she did. Only drawback is that they have prescription lenses in them. They are super fun though!

Here is a shot of Rick's sunglasses. He repurposed a metal CD holder to hold them all so they wouldn't get scratched. He never pays more than about a dollar for any of his glasses. A few weeks ago, he found a $200 pair of Revo sunglasses for a dollar! And they are still listed as a current product on their website!

And lastly, I came across this bag of yarn. I have a really hard time passing up anything that I can use my crafty skills with. This entire bag of yarns cost me---

$2.50! These are Lang Yarns. I looked them up on the Internet and I got a steal! I am so excited because they are blends of some fantastic materials. There is an awesome linen blend, a cotton/cashmere blend, a silk blend, a Merino wool/silk blend and a few more.

I am going to make fingerless gloves for Hannah's best friends, Keith and Ron. I am going to try my hand at Alicia Paulson's
version of Lucy's wrist warmers.

I am so excited to get started. Keith's are going to be charcoal and light grey with pink Fun Fur. Keith's favorite color is pink. Ron's are going to be a mixture of what is left of the charcoal and light grey with the green and dark red.

We are going to have Thanksgiving at our house again this year. Usually, we have it at my mom and dad's. This year, my mom has had some health issues, so Thursday here we come. It will be a bittersweet time, as our oldest daughter is moving to Arizona. We are hoping that Christy and her family drop by as they are leaving on Friday. Our oldest son has to work. Our middle daughter is in Alaska, where she lives, celebrating with her mom. My mother-in-law plans on spending the day with my niece, Devin and her dad Rodney. But we will still celebrate none-the-less. But we will have my parents, our youngest son, Brady and his wife Kylie and Hannah and possibly Keith and Ron for dinner.

Thanksgiving weekend has to be my favorite time of the year. On Friday, our community has a local toy drive at a local nursery. For the entry fee of an unwrapped, new toy we are treated to a great night. We get a potato/chili feed, Christmas music, all the hot chocolate and coffee you can drink, huge bonfires, and an awesome fireworks display. On Saturday, we are headed to our local forest, permit in hand, to get our Christmas tree. All day Sunday will be spent decorating the tree and the house. I am SO EXCITED!

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving Holiday spent with family and friends.


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  1. I haven't seen those aluminum cups in okay, I'm dating myself here aren't I?? I still remember how beverages tasted in them!

    And old spools...I have some of those myself..there is just something so homey and homespun about them!