Monday, July 13, 2009

Hayley's Photos!

Hannah has a wonderful friend. Her name is Hayley. Hayley is an extraordinary young lady. Her life story is amazing for such a young soul. She is my adopted daughter (she made me say that so I could share her photos!). All kidding aside, I love her and gladly accept her as one of my own. This is one talented young lady. Hayley is not only a great photographer in the making, she is a musician. You can find an article about her music here:

Hayley has been taking photographs for her portfolio for college scholarships and has agreed to let me share them here (as long as I included the adopted daughter disclaimer). I think her photos are amazing! The following photos are of my Hannah and her friend Keith. Keith is musician in his own right. He is lead singer for Amblett Died Trying You can also find them on Itunes; they have an EP for sale there. My favorite song is their acoustic version of "Let's Play Pretend". I also like "Not Meant for Weary Eyes"- a fairytale.

Hannah, Keith and My hubby Rick, were in our local Magic Valley Dilettantes production of "My Fair Lady" this winter. It awakened a monster machine that includes musicals, memorizing lyrics, vague quotes from musicals. For us non-actors, it keeps you on your toes.

These photographs were taken along the Snake River Canyon Rim. You will see the Perrine Bridge in the background. I can't believe the three of them could get that close to the canyon rim! I have feelings of vertigo just looking at the photos!

This is a self-portrait of Hayley (in the middle) with Keith and Hannah.

Thank you Hayley for sharing with me! Love you!

Hope your day is filled with happiness. Mine has been!

Have a great day,


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  1. Stunning photo's, Hayley is very talented. I love the blue and orange colours that really stand out. Lovely keepsake pics for you xo