Saturday, April 18, 2009

Softball, Wind, A Motorcycle, and Sunburn

We spent the better part of the morning watching Hannah play in her softball tournament. We rode our motorcycle to Glens Ferry, Idaho (about 70 miles away) to watch her. They played a total of 2 games yesterday and 3 games today. The Lady Wildcats won one and lost one yesterday and won one and lost two today. Both Rick and I are super sunburned; I promise I wore sunscreen so maybe it is windburn instead. The wind blew at a pretty steady pace of about 20 miles per hour all day. Ride was miserably cold this morning as the wind was right in our faces. This afternoon, was nice. Wind was at our backs and it was almost 70 degrees! I had packed a small box of hexagons for my grandmother's flower garden to work on between games, but didn't get any work done on them due to the wind.
Have a great day.

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